Grace's Cookies

Khanh Bang

Khanh Bang is the first child in a family with two daughters in rural Soc Trang province. Bang’s dad is a hired worker with a monthly income of 5 million VND whilst her mom is mainly managing household affairs and caring for their two daughters.

Khanh Bang – the 113th child saved through Grace’s Cookies program

Little Bang was diagnosed with severe congenital heart defects in May-2016 when the baby endured a serious fever. The cardiovascular technology at that time could not afford any low-risk cardiac procedures due to the severe level of her heart defects. The girl has been consulted with medication, routine checkups, and echocardiogram until receiving the operation decision in late 2020. But with all their savings, her parents could not afford a huge surgery cost of more than $5,300 dollars.

By selling our delicious cookies, Grace’s Cookies raised $1,200 to contribute to Bang’s life-saving surgery in March 2021. She has been on her positive recovery post-operation with the consultation of monthly follow-up checks up. After the successful surgery, Bang shall welcome her healthy and cheerful life as she ought to deserve and shall soon be able to go to school with her friends. Her father and mother could finally get back to work and increase their income to build a better life for the whole family.

By purchasing our Grace’s Cookies for your family gathering, bake sales, or fundraising events, you can help us save more little hearts like Bang and bring brighter futures to their families.