Grace's Cookies

Thien Hao

Thien Hao was born in 2016 in Dong Thap as the second child in a family with 03 children. With a total average income of fewer than 100 USD a month, the financial status of the 5-member household is extremely tough dealing with basic standard living costs, thus, the decent health checkups for all three children have never been taken into proper care.

Thien Hao – the 112th child saved through Grace’s Cookies program

Thien Hao was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect (Tetralogy of Fallot) and was continuously admitted to Children 2’s hospital for medication. The doctors recommended that Thien Hao’s heart defect needed to be fixed within the soonest time to hinder any health risks and also to offer the child a healthier life as his peers. Unfortunately, the estimated surgery cost was around $4,142 USD which obviously exceeded his family’s ability.

Through selling cookies at international schools, Grace’s Cookies program supported Thien Hao timely to successfully undergo his surgery at Tam Duc Hospital in February 2021. He recovered completely and was soon discharged out of the hospital in early Mar 2021. Now, the baby is healthy and growing like a normal kid with regular check-ups. Grace’s Cookies is proud to join hands with all teachers, parents, and students and Heartbeat Vietnam to support Thien Hao to have a healthy heart and bring a brighter future to his family.