Grace's Cookies

Tuong Vy

Tuong Vy was born in 2017 as the second child in a certified poor family in Hung Long commune, My Hao district, Hung Yen province. Vy’s father works as a farmer, earning several hundred thousand dong a day, and Vy’s mother works for an electronic components manufacturing company. Their unstable incomes are only enough to cover the day-to-day necessities.

Tuong Vy – The 114th child saved through Grace’s Cookies program

Having shown symptoms of congenital heart defects since she had been less than 1 year old, Vy was diagnosed with a mild ventricular septal defect in 2020. After many check-ups and treatments, the doctors at E Hospital Hanoi advised Vy’s family to have her early surgery to avoid any health risks and ensure she could grow up healthily like other children at the same age. However, the estimated surgery cost was around $3,433 USD which obviously exceeded her family’s ability, leaving her parents with no choice other than to postpone the treatment.

Fortunately, VCF found Vy in our Hung Yen Rural Outreach Clinic in April 2021 and instructed her mom to apply for sponsorship. Following up with Vy’s application, Grace’s Cookies program – VCF, with funds raised from selling cookies at international schools, supported Tuong Vy to successfully undergo her surgery on July 20, 2021, despite the complicated Covid-19 situation. After 10 days of the surgery, Vy was discharged with a good health condition. She is now well stable and will expectedly have her check-up in Mid-September in a local general hospital.

Vy is the 114th child receiving support for heart operations through Grace’s Cookies program. Grace’s Cookies team is so proud that our tireless efforts have helped bring new strong hearts and a brighter future for disadvantaged children like Vy and their families.