Our Story

Who We Are

In the spring of 2010, there was a request on Facebook for funds to help a young Vietnamese boy get a heart operation. The boy’s surgery and recovery, thanks to many kind hearts and Heartbeat Vietnam (HBVN) program, did not only inspire the idea of Grace’s Cookies, but also made us more determined than ever to save the lives of these suffering children.

Grace’s Cookies was created in 2010 to save little lives from families with low income. It is a delicious fundraising initiative for Heartbeat Vietnam – a grassroots medical program that sponsors life-saving surgeries for disadvantaged children with congenital heart defects. Founded by Ms. Margot Richart, Grace’s Cookies continues on thanks to generations of warm-hearted expat ladies in HCMC who bake cookies with a heart.

By purchasing the high-quality cookies that are 100% homemade with natural ingredients and love by our ladies – students, community groups or individual can become a part of our life-saving journey to heal hearts.

Our Vision

From April 2021, the International Ladies in Vietnam (ILV) has officially joined the cause as an organization and are responsible for baking the cookies to provide for fundraising events.

With the help of International Ladies in Vietnam (ILV), it is hoped that Grace’s will grow from its simple beginnings into a sustainable project, raising money for grassroots medical causes in Vietnam like Heartbeat Vietnam. Bringing these amazing and nutritious cookies to children and families, we strive to raise awareness and funds for children with congenital heart defects and others in the future.

How We Work

100% of all cookie sales revenue are donated to Heartbeat Vietnam, used to help underserved children with congenital heart defects receive their urgently-needed support on time.

Bake cookies

All materials are donated
Expat ladies living in HCMC gather to bake for special occasion

Delivery cookies

Fresh-baked cookies are delivered to anyone who would like to sell them and raise funds for children in need

Donate funds

All the funds raised from the cookies will go directly to Heartbeat Vietnam to provide free heart surgeries for
the children

Our Impact

Since 2010

> 80,000

cookies baked and sold

> $80,000



children saved

Behind the name

Ms. Margot, Grace’s founders, decided to title this cause “Grace’s Cookies” after her great Aunt Grace. Her aunt showed the love for her family through thoughtful acts of kindness like baking cookies. Margot loved the idea also that by the grace of these cookies, a difference could be made in the lives of others..

All cookies are baked by lady volunteers and either sold by Grace’s Cookies volunteers or students in schools, frequently appearing in bake sales in schools and expat bazaars or taking private custom orders. All sales revenues go 100% to HBVN. There are no deductions for expenses because all material, labour and overhead is donated.